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Privacy Policy

1.        Copyright Notice
a.        This website belongs to and is copyright 2011-2012 The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC.  All rights reserved.  No part of this website may be copied or reproduced without prior written consent.
2.        Consent Disclosure
a.        By using The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC's website, said user consents to The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC's Privacy Policy.
3.        Personal Information
a.        Anyone contacting The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC for either a quote, information, to register with, or to place any order with The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC via phone, fax, email, website, or any other method is considered a Customer of The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC. 
b.        By necessity Customers are asked to provide necessary information pertinent to the order or service they place and may include their name, e-mail address, billing address, phone number, and payment information. This information is kept strictly secure and confidential at all times.
c.        The email address any Customer provides as part of his or her order shall only be used for order processing and to send updates and/or information pertaining to the order placed.
d.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC does track the general number of visits and overall website traffic patterns; however, The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC does not keep any data on anyone visiting our web site anonymously.
e.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC, does not place or utilize website cookies.
4.        Third Party Associates
a.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC utilizes trusted secure private third-party financial services companies to process payments including payment by credit and debit cards and checks inasmuch as those parties agree to keep any and all of your information confidential, secure, and private.
b.        Any and all Customer financial information as defined as credit or debit card information, checking or savings account numbers, or billing addresses collected on The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC's website shall only be collected on a secure server utilizing encrypting software via a trusted and established third party.
c.        Any private third-party financial services companies used by The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC to to enter financial information and/or to process online payments including payment by credit/debit cards and checks shall ensure that Customers of The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC are provided web pages for financial and payment data entry that are secure with SSL encryption and a valid SSL Merchant Certificate (https://).
d.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC's SSL Merchant Certificate shall be able to be viewed from its secured web site.  The Merchant Certificate shall disclose the Certificate issuer, that the Certificate is trusted (meaning that the text on the site indicates that the root certificate can be trusted), and the Certificate expiration date.
e.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC does not subscribe to nor works with third-party marketing data-collection businesses such as AdClick and Yahoo!.  The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC, firmly disagrees with, discourages, and disavows any such tracking and/or behavior.
f.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC may release your information as required in order to facilitate any order placed by a Customer, to comply with the law, enforce our site and business policies, or protect ours or others rights, property, or safety.
g.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC may include or offer third party business products, offers, links, or services on its website such as Facebook or Twitter. These third party sites have separate and independent privacy policies; therefore The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC has no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these linked sites. However The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC seeks to protect the privacy of its customers and the integrity of its website and welcomes any feedback about these sites.
5.        Marketing Emails
a.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC does not send unsolicited marketing emails.  Anyone receiving marketing emails from The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC will have voluntarily agreed to be a part of our marketing mailing list and shall have the option to opt out of this service at any time.
b.        If any Customer decides to opt-in to our marketing email list, he or she will receive emails that may include company news, updates, related product or service information, etc.
c.        If at any time a subscribing customer would like to unsubscribe from The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC marketing email list he or she may do so.  Instructions on how to do so shall be included at the bottom of all marketing emails sent out.
6.        California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance
a.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC has taken the necessary precautions to be in compliance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act. The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC will not distribute any specific Customer personal information to outside third parties without that specific Customer's consent.
7.        Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance
a.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC is in compliance with the requirements of COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act).  The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC does not collect any information from anyone under 13 years of age. The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC's website, products and services are all directed to people who are at least 13 years of age or older.

Online Purchase Return Policy:  100% Satisfaction

1.        If a Customer is not completely satisfied with any Bon Bons ordered online, simply return them to The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC and tell us what you would like: a replacement, a refund or a credit. The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC will handle Customer requests promptly and courteously.
2.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC wants its Customers to trust us to deliver our Bon Bons to or for them with no concerns whatsoever.  As such The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC guarantees all Bon Bon deliveries to be fresh and on-time.
3.   The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC does not take returns more than 14 days after delivery.

Bon Bon Shipping Policy

1.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC won't charge any hidden fees. The price quoted for shipment of our Bon Bons is the price that will be charged.
2.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC will ship your Bon Bons within 3 business days of receipt of orders placed.
3.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC, Standard Shipping utilizes UPS Ground or the USPS Flat Rate Box to ship its  Bon Bons, whichever will arrive at your shipping destination fastest.  UPS 2nd-day and UPS Next-day shipping are available by calling to make arrangements and paying the addtional shipping charges that will be incurred.
4.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC ships and delivers product on normal business weekdays.  Shipping and delivery days do not include Saturdays, Sundays, or official holidays.
5.        The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC does not guarantee delivery by specific dates when using Standard Shipping.  If you need your order to arrive by a specific date and our Standard Shipping does not give you enough time for your order to arrive by that date then it is your responsibility to call The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC, to make the shipping arrangements you need utilizing our UPS 2nd-day or UPS Next-day shipping services.
6.        The Bon Bon Cakery takes every step possible to provide the highest quality Bon Bon for you or your receiving guest, not only providing the most tasty and excellent Bon Bons possible but packaging and shipping them in containers that will protect your purchase until they are opened and enjoyed.  Shipped orders are protected with plastic candy trays to contain the Bon Bons, padded paper candy pads to cushion the Bon Bons, and special sturdy cardboard candy boxes to protect the Bon Bons during shipping.  We then carefully package your order with protective materials before shipping them to you or your receiving guest.
7.   Besides its Bon Bons, The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC is willing and able to ship its cake pops and cupcakes under the same aforementioned Shipping Policy points.  The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC does not currently ship its cakes but does offer local hand delivery.  Please call for details.

SSL Privacy FAQs

1.  What is an SSL Merchant Certificate?
An SSL Merchant Certificate consists of two separate privacy protections:  data encryption and identity verification.  A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) creates an encrypted link between a website and a visitor's Web browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the website and the browser remains private and secure. The SSL encryption software triggers the "s" in "https" in the website address and the closed padlock on the browser - items most consumers look for when transacting business online.  The SSL protects private information the consumer enters onto any website protected with SSL encryption.  The Merchant Certificate portion is a certification and identification process that demonstrates to your visitors that the website conducting financial transactions is owned by a legitimate and trackable business. This is done through a validation process performed by a Certification Authority (CA) prior to issuing you an SSL Certificate.  The validation process involves verification of the identification of the business owener, the physical address of the business owner, and the contact information for the business owner.

2.  What is an SSL Certification Authority (CA)?
Certification Authorities (CA) are third-party verifiers that authorize and endorse the legitimacy of websites. Browsers inherently trust an SSL Certificate if it is current and is issued by a reputable CA since trusted CAs will only issue certificates to websites after validating the legitimacy of that site.  The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC has chosen to partner with Network Solutions® to provide its SSL Merchant Certificate.  Network Solutions® is a trusted CA with years of solid and successful encryption, identity verification, and protection services.

3.  Why is SSL encryption necessary?
The encryption provided by SSL Certificates helps to prevent hackers from stealing private and confidential information sent via the Internet. A website secured with an SSL Certificate provides a safe place for customers to enter sensitive data such as credit card information, bank account numbers, etc. The safest way to transact business or collect sensitive information online is on a site with an SSL Certificate.  Consumers are strongly warned against conducting business and entering confidential private information onto websites not certified with an SSL Merchant Certificate.

Copyright The Bon Bon Cakery, LLC.  All rights reserved.
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