Cake Tastings
So you know which special occasion you want to celebrate and what kind of cake you want for the big event. But you don't know the exact flavor of cake and icing you want, and your group can't quite agree on it! Now what? May we suggest your very own Cake Tasting.

We provide a variety of cake flavors and buttercream frosting flavors for you to sample at your Cake Tasting. Cake Tastings are held at The Bon Bon Cakery kitchen by appointment. Please contact us for details.

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Design Appointments
Besides sampling our scrumptious cake and frosting flavors, we will also sit down with you to help you put a cake design together that fits the needs of your celebration. Do you want a fondant cake with multiple layers that looks like you just went on a shopping spree to celebrate your best friend's recent promotion? Do you want a beautiful and pure white cake to celebrate your child's confirmation? How about a cascading Cupcake Tower? Maybe your coworkers would enjoy a gift of bon bons - what flavors would you think they would like?

The possible designs are endless - and we know you want your cake to be perfect for your event. Let's sit down together so you can tell us what you want and we can give you our thoughts on making your cake just right for your big day. Design Appointments are held at The Bon Bon Cakery kitchen by appointment or simply by phone. Please contact us for details.