Cake Flavors
Cake Flavors
Chocolate Amaretto Cherry
German Chocolate
Marble (of any two flavors)
Red Velvet
White Almond
Additional Flavors Available Upon Request

Other Fillings Available
Apricot Preserves
Carmel Pecan (German Chocolate)
Peach Preserves
Raspberry Preserves
Strawberry Preserves
Additional Fillings Available Upon Request

All flavors are available for our cakes and cupcakes.
If you don't see what you want just
contact us and ask us to make it for you!

Buttercream Flavors
Amaretto Cherry
Cookies & Cream
Cream Cheese
French Vanilla
Swiss Mint Chip
Additional Flavors Available Upon Request

Premium Fillings*
Chocolate Mousse
Peanut Butter
*Additional cost

The following are base prices for basic decorations*.  All orders must be given a two-week minimum for prep time, requests for orders with less than two weeks notice will probably not be able to be accepted due to our calendar being full.  As much advanced notice as possible is always greatly appreciated!

Fondant Cakes:           Starting at $3.50/serving (minimum charge for 40 servings, decorations extra & charged by the hour)
        Buttercream Cakes:   Starting at $2.50/serving (minimum charge for 40 servings, decorations extra & charged by the hour)
        Bon Bon Cakes:          Cost is combination of desired type cake and desired number of Bon Bon(s)
Sheet Cakes:               Starting at $1.50/serving (available only with order of a custom Fondant or Buttercream Cake)
        Cupcakes:                   $15.00/dozen (1 dozen minimum order)
        Fondant Cupcakes:         Starting at $25.00/dozen (1 dozen minimum order)
        Cupcake Tower:           Starting at $75.00 (3 dozen cupcake minimum order)
        Bon Bons:                   $9.00/half dozen; $18.00/dozen (half dozen minimum order)
        Bon Bon Wedding Couple:  $5.00/couple (Bagged 'n Bowed Bon Bons); $5.50/couple (Bagged 'n Bowed Cake Pops)         
        Cake Pops:                   $10.00/half dozen; $20.00/dozen (half dozen minimum order)
        "Bagged 'n Bowed" Cake Pops:  $12.50/half dozen; $25.00/dozen base price (add-ons additional cost)
        Iced Sugar Cookies:  $12.00/dozen (1 dozen minimum order)
        Fruit Pizza:                   $45.00/pizza (serves 20-25)
        Extra Add-Ons:           Piping/Scrollwork, Hand-Painted Lustre Dust, Fondant Decorations, Other Decorations
Local Hand Delivery:  $10.00 (Additional charges will apply for delivery outside of Medina Ohio, please call for details)
        Bon Bon Deluxe Gift/Shipping Box:  $2.00/container
         Bon Bon Standard Shipping & Handling:  $12.99/dozen (Shipped orders require Standard Shipping & Handling     
                                                                                                              charges for each dozen and includes one Deluxe Gift/Shipping
                                                                                                              Box in the price)

*Pricing is based on the complexity of the item, the amount of time to produce, and does not include any add-on decorations that may increase the cost. Minimums apply on all cakes.  Specific price quotes available upon request.  Prices subject to change.

Fondant Cakes
Cake frosted with buttercream and then covered in a sugary pliable dough-like layer. Very smooth finish. Used on top of all sculpted cakes.  Fondant comes in any color.  The filling between layers may be buttercream of any flavor, fruit, preserves, or other fillings of your choice.  We use only Satin Ice brand professional fondant for unsurpassed texture and taste.  Don't rule out a fondant cake until you've tried one made with Satin Ice!

Buttercream Cakes
Cake frosted with a very creamy frosting made from butter and sugar. Many flavors and colors available.  The filling between layers may be buttercream of any flavor, fruit, preserves, or other fillings of your choice.

Bon Bon Cake
Your choice of a fondant cake or a buttercream cake decorated with your choice of our lucious, decadent Bon Bons.  The latest style in the cake industry, you will impress like no other with this slam-dunk combination.  Really indulge your guests' senses by juxtaposing different flavors of cake/buttercream and Bon Bons!

Cupcake Tower
A tower of cupcakes topped with a beautiful 6" custom fondant or buttercream cake.

Bon Bons
Truffle-like chocolates, the inside filled with a cake-frosting mixture of your choice, the outside covered with white-, milk-, or dark-chocolate.

Cake Pops
Our bon bons on a stick! Can come in bouquets or served using our Deluxe Cake Pop Stand, click here for details.

Fruit Pizza
Delicious dough crust layered with decadent sweet cream cheese and topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries, peaches, kiwi, pineapple, mandarin oranges, blackberries, raspberries and a secret syrup.

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