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A Bon Bon from the Bon Bon Cakery is a truffle-like chocolate, the inside filled with a cake-frosting mixture of your choice, the outside covered with white-, milk-, or dark-chocolate.  And they're big -- It takes most people 3 bites to finish a Bon Bon from the Bon Bon Cakery!  We pride ourselves on the quality and taste of our Bon Bons -- one bite and we're confident you'll be challenged to find a bon bon more delicious or irresistable!

Similar to a Bon Bon is a Cake Pop -- simply a Bon Bon on a stick! Available in bouquets -- or click here to learn more about our
Deluxe Cake Pop Stand to serve your Cake Pops for your next event!!

                  $9.00/half dozen; $18.00/dozen base price (add-ons additional cost)  Bon Bons/Cake Balls
Minimum orders:  Shipped-1 dozen; Local-1/2 dozen

 $10.00/half dozen; $20.00/dozen base price (add-ons additional cost)   Cake Pops
Minimum orders:  Shipped-1 dozen; Local-1/2 dozen

$12.50/half dozen; $25.00/dozen base price (add-ons additional cost)   "Bagged 'n Bowed" Cake Pops
Consists of bagging each Cake Pop in cellophane and tying closed with a ribbon bow.
Minimum orders:  Shipped-1 dozen; Local-1/2 dozen

$5.00/couple (Bagged 'n Bowed Bon Bons); $5.50/couple (Bagged 'n Bowed Cake Pops)        Bon Bon Wedding Couple

    Costs vary with complexity, time, and materials       Extra Add-Ons
Piping/Scrollwork, Hand-Painted Lustre Dust, Fondant Decorations, Other Decorations.  Contact us for details. 

$12.99/dozen        Standard Shipping & Handling
Shipped orders require Standard Shipping & Handling charges
for each dozen and includes one Deluxe Gift/Shipping Box in the price

Local Hand Delivery
Hand Delivery outside Medina Ohio is not available for Bon Bons and Cake Pops.  Contact us for details. 

$2.00/container        Deluxe Gift Box
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Dark- and milk-chocolate Bon Bons come only in their natural color.  However you may alter the color of white-chocolate Bon Bons for an additional fee.  Color selection is limited.  Contact us for details.
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